Volume: The Complete Retail Booster Italian Solution


Cromosoma is proud to introduce Volume™ an innovative complete solution designed for global retail businesses.

Italians places a great deal of importance on quality. 

From the fashion  and design heart of Milan  to worldwide markets.
Offering a cutting edge  solution designed  to shopping mall  and global brands.

Italy has long been known for many specialities – from art and romance to good food and wine. And fashion is certainly among these specialities.
From Milan, Florence to Rome, Italian fashion is known for its loyalty to classic styles, as well as its courage in pioneering new ones. Yet, aside from the Italian fashion industry being renowned for outputting top trends and styles, the Italian people, as a whole, are also regarded to be the most fashionable in the world. Italian fashion places a great deal of importance on quality.
Whether with regard to the materials out of which an item is made, or to the care with which they’re made, quality is a huge component of what makes Italian fashion so successful the world over.

VOLUME By Cromosoma naturally represent as that quality worldwide.


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